Wired VS Wireless: Which Earphones Are Better For Health

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This is one of the questions that is asked by a lot of people in today’s world of smartphone technology. People are concerned about their health and willing to choose only those products and gadgets that can help them achieve their health goals. After all, Health is Wealth.

We have done small research and survey to figure out the quality difference between wired earphones and wireless earphones.

We came to know about the various facts such as most of the earphones today available in the market are anglophones means,  goes inside the ear and in the canal of the ear.

These anglophones have the benefit of blocking outside noise by physically blocking the canal.

So, when we put in these earphones, Air inside the canal is pushed inside as there is no way to escape the ear and thus gives pressure on Tympanic membrane, this pressure then produces discomfort in the person after using these earphones for quite a long time like using it for hours!

Another drawback of the earphones is that if dirty earphones are used or sharing of the earphones is done, it will lead to infection of the hair follicle present in the external auditory canal knows as Furunculosis.

Using earphones for hours together causes impacting the earwax as there is no space for the earwax to move. Earwax is continuously secreted to lubricate the ear and this earwax is moved outward by the ciliary movement

So Which One Should You Choose: Wired Vs Wireless Earphones:

Let’s Know the advantages and disadvantages of each one step by step: which have gathered some facts to get to the conclusion and have precise and convincing decisions.

Health Issues of Wireless Headphones:

Bluetooth and smartphones keep on emitting wavelengths with the irregular intensity of pulses have the capacity to damage human cell which results in DNA damage and ultimately leads to cancer.

It might be difficult for all of us to know that our favorite and just bought wireless headphones are actually an invitation to some serious biological and psychosomatic health issues.

You better be aware of them and use cautiously before your habit turns to wireless headphones, a reason for premature death or deadly diseases.

Wireless and wired headphone’s excessive usage is injurious to health. However, one may be less harmful than others when used for the same span.

We all love to confine our favorite music to ourselves without being distracted by the surrounding sound and a headphone is a sole way out to us. Isn’t it really a big-time pass while traveling or while going and getting back from office or college?

How Wired Headphones Work?

The cable on the wired headphones also makes them lesser safer when compared to wireless headphones. This is because you can trip on the cable if you are not careful, or it can interfere with your hand tasks.

However, this depends on your working environment and what you are doing.

The cable can also make your working area look a bit disorganized. The cable further makes carrying the headphones much harder. All these attributes mean that you can be safer if you decide to use wireless headphones.

What issues Wireless Headphones specifically Cause:

It Might Cause Hearing Loss to You:

  • Delayed sensorineural hearing loss
  • Earache and tinnitus
  • Damage to the vestibular nerve and dizziness
  • Ear canal necrosis
  • Temporal bone osteonecrosis otitis media usually with conductive hearing loss
  • Stiffness of the ossicular chain and tympanic membrane resembling otosclerosis
  • A wireless headset transmits radiation directly into ears whereas a wired headset releases radiation via cable but it is far less than and low in comparison to the wireless headphones.

Benefits of Wireless Headphones:

  • Wireless headphone caters liberty of movement to the users within the area of 33 feet away from the device.
  • The sound quality offered by wireless headphones is much better and can give you a great time hearing your music and also you can finely hear instructions from your boss while being out of office.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

We are with the comparison between both of the earphones, it is well observed that wired headset are better than the wireless headphone.

But that doesn’t mean that a safer one is completely safe to use. These suggestions may be followed by folks using wireless headphones as prevention is better than cure.

  • Buy EMF free headphones and be away from the dark shadow of cancer and other mental disorders.
  • Do not use them frequently and for a long span. One should use them for not more than an hour a day.
  • Keep the volume level low when you have your earphones on to minimize hearing impairment.
  • Keep your phone away from your body and earphone only when required.
  • Do not share your earphones with anyone as it may expose you to germs of other people which can add to your problem to another level.

I hope You Would Have been Satisfied With the information provided in this article. Please do not forget to leave comments and let us know your suggestions and feedbacks.

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Wired VS Wireless: Which Earphones Are Better For Health

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