Top 05 Best Fake AirPods in 2020

Top 05 Best Fake AirPods in 2020

Are you looking for the Best Fake Airpods with the best quality under your budget? Well, You would be happy to know that there is actually a lot of air pods replica available in the market that actually meets the quality of the original one. It’s not the same but nor the less.

Most people know about Apple’s wireless earbuds, known as the AirPods. They would also know that it’s pretty expensive as well. But if you had a good look at online retailers, there are several AirPod alternatives that you will find. These are usually priced much cheaper, and come with some exceptions as far as the feature set is concerned.

Curious to see if any of them could pass for the real thing, we ordered several of the top-selling search results fielded by “airpods” and “Airpods knockoffs.”

We have tested more than 100 fake Airpods to shortlist the best 05 performing Airpods for you. We have considered many factors while testing the product Such as voice quality, Comfort, Durability and Customer feedbacks Etc.

So, Let’s have a look at our list of 05 Best Fake Airpods In 2020.

List of 05 Best Fake Airpods

PreviewProduct NamePrice
echo beatEchoBeat Wireless EarphoneCheck Price Here

AOPIUUO Bluetooth Headphones 5.0

Roy-Samu Bluetooth Headphones

i9000 TWS Smart Ear Pods

Decibullz Custom Molded

05 Best Fake AirPods in 2019: Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Our Best Choice (Best All Rounder) 

EchoBeat Wireless Airpods

This pair of AirPod wannabes are convincing, especially from the outside. The case, though a half-inch larger, looks identical to the real thing.

We placed this guy as No1 for the reasons below. Yes, they cant beat Supercopies (reviewed as below), but their price range is the best. The best part now is it comes in Black and White.

You can also read our detailed review of echobeat wireless earphones.



Why We Recommend This:

Design of Echo Beat

The Design is as similar to real ones as it is possible. We can bet on this that you would not be able to make any differentiation among them both on their looks.

You can enjoy the status of real ones with these fake Airpods under your budget.

Audio Quality Of Echo Beat

These imposters impressed our team with their solid audio quality. “Hotel California” sounded deep, doing justice to the Eagles’ stereophonic recording.

The sound on these is a lot richer. There’s a lot more bass, it’s louder and volume is more consistent.

Key Features:

1. Separate use for Left earphone and Right earphone

2. Smart sensor in-ear check

3. Wireless charging

4. 1:1 Replica size

5. Tap Control

6. Enhanced bass/audio quality

7. Super bass

8. Auto power on

9. Auto power off

10. Binaural calls

11. Music time 3.5-4 hours

12. Voice Siri control

13.Pop up real battery pairing for iOS only

If you’ve ever seen AirPods, you know that Apple’s charging case has one measly LED — under the case lid — to indicate charge status. The EchoBeat case has four green LEDs on the front, and the earbuds themselves glow red while charging.

To my surprise, the EchoBeat case also has a Lightning port for charging, not Micro-USB like on the previous version and many other true-wireless earbud cases. But the real surprise here is that the case can juice up just by lying on a Qi charging pad.

If you have made you the decision of buying then you need to know about the process of setting up a connection between your Airpods and smartphone to enjoy music.

We have also prepared a guide to set a connection with the PC. So, visit and read another article if you are among those people to use to work more often of the personal computer and have the requirement to connect your Airpods with PC.


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